I am retired, from day to day jobs but not from life. I am married to a
wonderful wife, she had to be wonderful to put up with me all these years. I
have a Daughter and a Son and 5 Grandkids. But you are not interested in my
family you are interested in discovering If and How I can help you, so I will
refrain from babbling on about my favorite subject and get down to the things
that may interest you.

I served for 6 years in the Royal Australian Airforce of which 1,058 days were
in a War Zone. On discharge, I Started contractor on road works and in the timber
industry. I had my own, correction “The Banks”, Logging plant. Some 5 years after
discharge I was offered a senior engineering position with one of the largest
Engineering firms in South East Asia, where I stayed for 6 years. I was headhunted
(not by actual Headhunters but I spent some time in Sarawak, and
Kalimantan over the years where the taking of heads and shrinking them had
been common practice)
, for a position with a large American Global Company and
so I became their Technical Sales Representative in the Far East.

After about 4 Years with this company, during which I traveled extensively, I
was promoted and sent to Canada as Operations Manager responsible for the
ongoing training of the Dealers Technical and Sales Staff as well as those
from major Clients. I was also the consultant to the Dealer Management.

During my first year in Canada it became obvious that I needed more exposure
to accounting and so I enrolled in a course that the Toronto University had
for graduation to Registered Management Accountants. This meant that for the
next 3 years I burnt the midnight oil and when unable to attend a lecture I had
a friend tape it.

My Children by this time were at an age that they were looking at what
universities to apply to. As I wanted them to go to an Australian one I
engineered an offer from the McDonald’s Fast Food Company, of a franchise in
Melbourne where they were just getting established. I had 10 very profitable
years and sold out my stores to another couple of licensees at what was then a
record sale price. During my years at McDonald’s, I was elected for 2
consecutive years as President of The Co-op which is the policy-making group
responsible for advertising and promotional programs.

During this period I was made aware of a company in The Bay Area of California
manufacturing a marine product that was not a good fit in the portfolio of
their Parent Company. I put together a small group of investors and bought the
company at a fire sale price. I sold out of this after 4 years.

Since I retired I started a boat building company and we built Aluminum
Ferries for China, Fire Boats for Thailand, Workboats for Singapore, Landing
Barges for Pacific island communities and Fast general purpose boats for
operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar. I also did some property development on
the Gold Coast of Queensland and in Central Queensland.

When the Internet came along I became very interested in the potential of this
new communication and sales media and took it upon myself to get fully
acquainted with the marketing potential and the people leading the charge. I
studied under some of The Greats, however, I ended up in another lucrative
market that of Commodity Trading, not Futures but physical products ie.
Cement, Sugar, Rice, Petroleum. I have recently left the field because I can
see a lot of problems arising because of the US Trade Policy, Brexit, and the
Russia Iran China alliance. I don’t want to be caught in any of the fallouts
from the Big Boy’s plays. So here I am getting back into the Internet
marketing field and I have chosen to hitch my star to John Thornhill one of
today’s leading marketers. I will be giving you, the reader of my blog, the
benefit of my years of experience in business, marketing and maybe some bright
ideas on Internet Marketing.

Walt Raleigh