Plan for Success

Thinking in a positive manner as well as acting, in the same way, reinforces
the belief in yourself that you can and will be successful in whatever you
choose to do. This is a mindset that is a prerequisite for success because
without positivity in your life nothing is ever achieved. As a young man, I
had on my bedside table a book ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking’
by Dr.Norman Vincent Peale and I credit that for the successful life I have had.

It does not matter how positive you are nothing is achieved without a Plan.
You need to plan out your long-term Goals, in other words, plan out your
life. You need to decide where you want to be and how long it is to take
you. You need a strategy with an action plan that maps out the target and
the timeline.

Now that you have a Life Plan you are not done with planning. Although I
would have the outline of my plan very visible so that I eyeball it every
day, you now must start on your strategic plans. Each of these are
short-term plans laying out what you are to achieve in the next six months.
Every morning at a set time you should review what you have achieved the
previous day/week and preview what you need to achieve today. This daily
ritual is imperative. If you fail to keep sight of your goals, you won’t
get to achieve them. (See CPM later in the article)

Visualization has always been a way of helping you believe in yourself, and
in reaching your goals. You need to visualize yourself in the position you
have planned for. Elite athletes use it. The super rich use it. And peak
performers in all fields now use it. That power is called visualization.

In your mind, see yourself on the beach as a successful Internet Marketer
travelling to those exotic places on earth with only your Laptop to run your
business, or being feted by the President (Prime Minister) and receiving an
award, on board your fabulous boat in the Mediterranean. Maybe see yourself
living in a wonderful beach side home, with a huge terrace and gardens,
wonderful views and a large swimming pool. Of course, there would be a
jetty for the fabulous boat. Then again, your dream could be in helping the
misfortunate of this world and you can see yourself building schools and
refuges in central Africa. It doesn’t matter what your dream is – what
matters is that you work at achieving it.

Why is it that we have a propensity to put off doing today, now, what we
should be doing? I can tell you it is FEAR and it is real and will plague
you all your life unless you understand it and get it under control. It
manifests itself in the guise of distractions that you convince yourself
are necessary – anything to avoid doing what you need to. It is essential
that you overcome this Fear if you are to be successful.

How to overcome this? First acknowledge the Fear. Now you need to break
your work schedule into short periods and for that time focus exclusively
on the task at hand. Now take a break and then another short period of
intense focus and to the exclusion of all outside distractions. As You
precede in this manner, you’ll be able to gradually increase the periods of
work however never exceed one hour without a break.

You will find that Procrastination habits start early in life and this
syndrome is particularly rife among students. You will often hear then say,
‘oh I work better under pressure’ or ‘I will fix this tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll
get around to it later this afternoon’. This malady must be eradicated if
the student is to do well.

Have you ever heard a teacher, a parent, a colleague say to someone, ‘stop
dreaming and get on with the job you’ll never get anywhere this way’.
Dreaming in my opinion is vital, one should be thinking about one’s future
in other words reviewing your goals, reviewing the plans, dreaming of where
we want to be, what we want to achieve and how are we doing so far. But
keep it under control don’t let it turn into procrastination.

As has been suggested you should review your Strategic Plans and long-term
goals often and this can become a little difficult unless you are organized
so you need to develop a Critical Path Plan, and this should be developed
from your Strategic Plans. The Critical Path Plan will be your guide on
your journey to reach your goal.

I am not going to go into the intricacies of developing a critical path
plan (CPM) in this article but I will point you to where you can quickly
get a working knowledge of what, how and why CPM is something you should

Until next time.


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